Orange Blossom Massage

Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural aromatic liquids found in trees, flowers, bushes, roots and seeds. Essential oils protect plants from insects, disease, physical damage, and environmental conditions and are considered to be the immune system of the plants.

Essential oils have been around since thousands of years and they have been used for mind-and body wellness and are still used that way today.

To get all these benefits from the oils you have to make sure they are of Pure Therapeutic Grade! I can’t stress that enough. The oils I use are from Young Living and I trust them. They have a "Seed To Seal" stamp on all their products which mean they have control over the whole process of making all their products so they make sure everything is Pure Therapeutic Grade.

I love Essential Oils! I use them in my everyday life in multiple ways. From single oils to shampoo and toothpaste and I would love to tell you about them. They help me live a healthier life and that feels good.

I would love to tell you more so contact me today! Or, visit the Young Living site.